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  1. Are ringtones and wallpapers available for my i-wireless phone?
    Yes, i-wireless customers that have a data capable phone can access a data deck to download ringtones and wallpapers directly from their i-wireless phone. Standard ringtones are available for $1.99 per song. Real tones are available for $2.99 per song. Wallpapers are available for $1.99 per image.
  2. How can I download ringtones to my i-wireless phone?
    If your i-wireless phone is data capable, you can select the Ringers or Sounds category.  This will take you to our data deck where you can purchase ringtones.
  3. What are ringtones?
    A ringtone is the sound you hear when you receive an incoming call on your phone. With your i-wireless phone, you can select which ringtone you want to hear when you receive a call. On some of our phones, you have the ability to choose different ringtones for different callers.  You can choose from one of the ringtones that come pre-loaded on your phone, or purchase ringtones from our data deck.
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