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  1. Do my FREE MINUTES rewards apply to my Mobile Broadband plan?
    No, your FREE MINUTES rewards are only available on your i-wireless cell phone service.
  2. How can I keep track of how much of my Mobile Broadband plan has been used?
    Scroll your mouse over the Meter Ball located in your System Tray in the lower righthand corner of your screen.  You can also right click on the Meter Ball to keep the meter visible during your internet session.
  3. How can I pay for my Mobile Broadband plan?
    You can pay with a debit/credit card or purchase an i-wireless airtime card from your local Kroger-family store.
  4. How can I purchase a Mobile Broadband plan?
    You will be prompted to purchase a plan during the activation process.

    If you are already an i-wireless Mobile Broadband user, you will receive two messages to purchase a new plan to keep your service active.  These messages will appear as you approach the allocated data threshold or your expiration date.  If your plan expires you will be redirected to purchase a new plan the next time you CONNECT to the i-wireless Watcher and launch your web browser. 
  5. How much does i-wireless Mobile Broadband cost?

    The i-wireless Mobile Broadband card is $79.99 and can be purchased at select i-wireless displays.

    i-wireless offers three different Mobile Broadband plans:
        - Daily:  $5 - 100 MB, 24 hour connection
        - Weekly:  $20 - 200 MB, 7 day connection
        - Monthly:  $50 - 5 GB, 30 day connection

  6. I bought my i-wireless Mobile Broadband card, now what do I do?
    Insert the USB device into the USB port on your laptop.  The i-wireless Connection Manager will automatically launch and appear on your desktop.  Follow the simple on-screen instructions.

    If the Connection Manager does not automatically launch, go to My Computer and launch manually.
  7. Is i-wireless Mobile Broadband compatible with my Mac?
    Currently i-wireless Mobile Broadband is not Mac compatible.
  8. Is there an activation fee for my i-wireless Mobile Broadband card?
    No, i-wireless never charges an activation fee for any of our products.
  9. What is i-wireless Mobile Broadband?
    i-wireless Mobile Broadband is simply Internet on the Go. 

    The Mobile Broadband card is a USB device that plugs into your computer's USB port and allows you to access the Internet without a cable or wireless Internet connection. 

    i-wireless Mobile Broadband offers a variety of prepaid plans that will fit your individual Internet needs.

    i-wireless Mobile Broadband uses the Sprint network, making it easy to use at home or on the go.
  10. What is included in my Daily i-wireless Mobile Broadband service?
    The Daily i-wireless Mobile Broadband plan is $5.  You receive 100 MB and a 24 hour connection. 

    100 MB is approximately 5 hours of browsing, 25 minutes of video, or 10,000 email views.
  11. What is included in my Monthly i-wireless Mobile Broadband service?
    The Monthly i-wireless Mobile Broadband plan is $50. You receive 5 GB and a 30 day connection.

    5 GB is approximately 250 hours of browsing, 21 hours of video, or 500,000 email views.
  12. What is included in my Weekly i-wireless Mobile Broadband service?
    The Weekly i-wireless Mobile Broadband plan is $20.  You receive 300 MB and a 7 day connection.

    300 MB is approximately 15 hours of browsing, 1 hour of video, or 15,000 email views.
  13. What makes Mobile Broadband different from my current wireless Internet service?
    i-wireless Mobile Broadband allows you to connect to the Internet without having to sign up for a new wireless service everywhere you go.  More importantly, you do not have to sign a contract.  Simply choose a plan that works best for your needs and connect nationwide.
  14. Where can I buy an i-wireless Mobile Broadband card?
    i-wireless Mobile Broadband cards are available at select Kroger-family stores and online.
  15. Where can I use my i-wireless Mobile Broadband service?
    i-wireless Mobile Broadband runs off of the Sprint network, so you can use it wherever Sprint has service, which is nationwide.
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