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  1. Can I keep my current phone number if I switch my service to i-wireless?
    Yes.  You may port your current phone number from another wireless provider to a new i-wireless phone.  Contact i-wireless Customer Care at 1-866-594-3644 and a representative will be happy to assist you in porting your current phone number to a new i-wireless phone.  You must have an "active" phone number with another wireless provider, a previous billing statement from your old wireless provider and your new i-wireless phone.
  2. Can I keep my i-wireless number if I leave and go to another company?
    Well, we hope that you'll find i-wireless to be a great wireless experience. We've based our business on customer satisfaction and built a prepaid service that provides value, and, more importantly, freedom from contracts. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1-866-594-3644, and we'll do our best to address them.

    But, if you feel the need to leave us and go somewhere else, we'll miss you. You can keep the phone number we gave you, but in order to do that, you'll have to contact your new provider first. They'll call us and we'll work with them to handle the number switch for you.
  3. Do I need to contact my old service provider to let them know that I want to port my phone number to i-wireless?
    No. Contact i-wireless Customer Care at 1-866-594-3644 and we will contact your old service provider to initiate the porting process. You will need an "active" phone number with another wireless provider, a previous billing statement from your old service provider and an i-wireless phone in order to complete the port process.
  4. How do I know if I am eligible for local number portability?
    It may depend on where you live and who the current service provider is in that area.  Some companies don't provide number portability at this time, and some areas are outside of the i-wireless coverage area. To see a map with i-wireless’ coverage area, click here
  5. How long will it take for my old phone number to transfer to my new i-wireless phone, and how will I know when the process is complete?
    The porting process should be completed within 24 hours.  You will know the process is complete when your phone with your old service provider no longer works.  You may then add airtime to your i-wireless account and begin using your new i-wireless phone.
  6. Is i-wireless charging to port numbers?
    i-wireless is not charging new or existing customers any portability fees. And, since we don't make our customers sign a contract, there are no early termination fees. However, we do not refund any unused account balance if you port-out or cancel your i-wireless service.
  7. My old phone no longer works, but I can't use my i-wireless phone either. Why?
    Once the phone number from your old service provider has been transferred to your new i-wireless phone, you will need to add airtime to your account before you can begin using your i-wireless phone to make and receive calls.

    There are 4 easy ways to add airtime to your account:
      1.  Purchase an i-wireless airtime card at your local Kroger store
      2.  Dial 611 from your i-wireless phone
      3.  Dial 1-866-594-3644 from any touchtone phone
      4.  Purchase online at

    If you are still experiencing problems, please call Customer Care at 1-866-594-3644.
  8. What happens to my balance if I leave i-wireless?
    If you decide to cancel your i-wireless service, we do not refund an unused balance.
  9. What is local number portability?
    Local number portability allows you to take your phone number with you when switching service providers within a local calling area.

    The telecom industry refers to this new option as "porting in" or "porting out."  Porting-in means bringing your current phone number to a new service provider and Porting out means taking your current phone number with you from your existing service provider.
  10. Will I have to pay a termination fee if I cancel service with my old provider?
    Possibly. Your current service provider can charge you any termination penalty outlined in your contract if you cancel your service with them early.

    However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that a carrier cannot prevent a subscriber from leaving, even if they have an outstanding bill balance. So, you may have to pay an unpaid balance and termination fee, but that will not prevent you from leaving your current service provider.

  11. Will I need to purchase a new i-wireless phone or can I keep my old phone?
    Yes.  You will need to purchase a new i-wireless phone in order to keep your current phone number so that your phone is compatible with our network.
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